God’s Plan

God’s Plan

As I awoke from a deep, deep sleep,
God’s hand was there upon my cheek.

Angels were everywhere as I looked around,
white clouds covered the walls from ceiling to

Tubes and lines were connected to me,
God had told me this is the way it should be.

I know not how I got to this place,
it must have been by God’s grace!

Please don’t be sad as you look at me,
for I’m God’s child as I will always be.

Mom and dad come and go,
to them my healing must seem slow.

God’s plan is in action for all to see,
what greater glory can I bring to Thee?

As the doctors and nurses work on me,
each understand God is the key.

Prayers for me have been sent up above,
being delivered by one of God’s doves.

My name is Braden and I’m part of a plan,
a plan between God and mortal man.

Written by Steve Patterson, 07/23/01
(Dedicated to the doctors,nurses,
housekeepers, and other staff at B.S.A.)
“Thank You” from Steve, Tracie and Braden

©Copyright 2001, by Steve B. Patterson.