I’m a Lucky Man!

I’m a Lucky Man

Stepping outside I hear the soft rain falling. In the distance an owl is calling. It’s totally quite here except for the sound of the rain and the owl. Looking around I think to myself “I’m a lucky man to be right here, right now.”

God has blessed me tremendously though many would disagree. Oh I’ve faced a lot of life’s challenges on this I will agree. You see, life here on earth is not about you or about me. I think it’s about loving one another and doing the best we can to get to Heaven for Eternity.

As an orange colored sun slowly settles in the west, I think I have a better understanding about some of life’s tests. I thank God for the strength to face these tests head on. There are many of those that when tested just worry and wonder what went wrong. You see without God in their lives they are not nearly as strong.

Many look at us for what we have and what we do. They want to judge us by the “world’s” standards. As for the real meaning of life these people have no clue.

The sun has disappeared behind the trees now, leaving a dim blue sky, this picture God has painted is so beautiful it could make you cry. I suggest we look around for the good and beauty to be found. Remembering all the while the devil will do anything to try and bring us down.

It’s totally dark as I turn to go inside, stopping, I can still hear the owl, he’s in a tree on the other side. The rain has faded away with the ending of this day, leaving a fresh clean smell that gently drifts my way.

Stepping inside I shut the door and look to God above, whispering “Thank you Lord for loving me just the way I am. And thank you for a wife and children that fit so well into your plan.”

All things being said, I’m a lucky man!

by Steve Patterson, 11/02/01
(Dedicated to my wife and children)

© Copyright 2001, by Steve B. Patterson.