The Stork and the Little Boy

The Stork and the Little Boy

There once was a stork that when he was born, no one knew quite what to do.  All the other storks couldn’t understand why he didn’t look or act like they do!

For the baby stork so soft and frail could not walk or fly you see.  Then one day God passed his way saying, “Come little one, pray with me.”

The baby stork had never met God but thought him really cool.  The little stork asked, “God, why don’t I look and act like the rest, I feel like such a fool?”

God replied, “Don’t worry little one you’re very special and some day you’ll understand.”   “There’s lots left to do and one thing that’s true, you’re a major part of my plan!”

The years went by and the stork grew older never able to walk or fly.  Whenever the others saw the Lord on a stroll, the little stork was always near by.

Then a day came in mid-July God quickly walked his way.  “Come little one I need you now – for a delivery to send earths way.”

“You must fly quick and as fast as you can to get this newborn home.”  “But Lord I can not walk much less fly,” the little stork said with a groan.

“Spread your wings your time has come for I will not let you down.”  “Your legs are healed and your wings are strong so take this little boy down to the ground!”

The stork stood up tall on long, straight legs and spread his mighty wings, as he left the Lords side and flew through the clouds, he could hear God’s angels sing!

He delivered the boy to the waiting parents that God had so carefully chose.  He saw in their faces they were scared and worried for reasons he thinks he knows.

You see the new little boy, much like the stork, was born special in many ways.  As the little boy breathed his very first breath, the heavens were filled with God’s praise!

The family was worried about the boy’s future, about all his little “unknowns.”  As the stork flew away with a swoop of his wings, he knew Gods love would be shown.

The little boy was chosen to be part of God’s plan just as the stork was you see.  For one day he too will stand on straight legs and spread his mighty wings.

There will come a time for that precious little boy when God will walk quickly his way, saying “Come little one I need you now let’s bow our heads to pray.”

Just as the stork stood beside God, there too the little boy shall stand.  What better place could anyone be than standing there holding God’s hand!

by Steve Patterson, 11/27/01
(Dedicated to my son Braden)

© Copyright 2001, by Steve B. Patterson.