Where Can You Turn

Where Can You Turn?

Where can you turn when your world falls apart? To loved ones and family, you’ve been set apart? When your heart hurts so badly, you can feel it burn, what can you do, where can you turn?

The pain you feel inside won’t go away, from the time your life changed, this pain haunts you every day. There will be those that want to help, understand, and even hold your hand. They would give anything to take your pain away, but knowing that they can’t you turn and walk away.

Standing by yourself you feel all alone, wondering what happened to your happy home. In an instant, your life changed, never again to be the same. Where can you turn when your world has crumbled down, the smile on your face now replaced with a frown.

You can turn to the Lord on your good days and your bad, for He knows how to comfort you, even when you’re sad. Turn to the Lord, pray to God above, to send His blessings down in the form of a dove.

God has always been there for you to call upon – why do you wait until something terrible goes wrong? Where can you turn for help with your hurt, and your pain? Turn to God above, that’s why His son was slain!

(Dedicated to those hurting inside, God is listening)
Written by Steve Patterson, 02/19/02)

© Copyright 2002, by Steve B. Patterson.